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New Scam Alert: Hackers Target Young Gamers: How Your Child Can Cause Business Compromise

Dark Reading reported:   

Hackers will leverage anything popular or good in this world, and video games are no exception. As described in a March 1 blog post from Kaspersky, financially motivated attackers are targeting children, in particular, with open-faced scams aimed at stealing in-game items, account credentials, and bank details.

The story doesn't necessarily end there, though. Even a primitive phishing attack against a kid playing Fortnite could, theoretically, turn into a wider attack not just against the parent but also the parent's workplace.

Last year, researchers for Avanan uncovered a surge of Trojans hidden in cheat codes for the ultrapopular online game Roblox. "The file would be downloaded by the child," explains Jeremy Fuchs, cybersecurity researcher/analyst at Avanan, "and then, most likely, mistakenly uploaded to a corporate OneDrive folder. This file installs library files (DLL) into the Windows system folder. The malicious code can be perpetually referenced by Windows and remains running."

Find the original article and read more here.

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