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New Scam Alert: A New Social Security Phishing Scam Preys Upon Our Biggest Worries

Inky reported:

During the last half of September, INKY detected an influx of phishing emails that were allegedly from the U.S. Social Security Administration (SSA). While the display address on the emails reads “Social_Security_Administration,” further inspection reveals the sender’s true origin to be a random Gmail address.

In this case. the subject lines include case and docket numbers to make the phishing threat seem more official. 

Encouraging readers to call a phone number adds vishing to the mix. Vishing is a type of cybercrime that uses the telephone to steal confidential information. In this instance, the phone number provided in the letter does not belong to the SSA. When called, phishers answering ask their victims to confirm their SSN so it can be unsuspended. In some instances, they will even claim that a new one has been issued for a fee.      

Find out more with the original article here.

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