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New Scam Alert: Amazon, DHL, Walmart, & Neixcei[.]com – Top Scams & Phishing Schemes of the Week

Trend Micro reported: 

This week we’ve found a large number of scams that you need to watch out for, including ones relating to Amazon, DHL, Walmart, and MORE. 

  • Neixcei[.]com (Fake Amazon Shopping Site)
  • Amazon Security Alert Phishing: "Amazon: your account will be locked due to suspicious activity, please confirm your informations below within 24 hours to unlock it: <URL>." The link leads you to a fake Amazon login page:
  • DHL Delivery Phishing - Scammers prompt you to click on an embedded button to check the status of your “pending package”: The button will take you to a fake DHL tracking website that states you need to pay a fee for your package delivery.

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