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New Scam Alert: Amex, Amazon, Netflix, Costco, and Walmart – Top Phishing Scams This Week

Trend Micro reported: 

  • American Express Phishing - Multiple fake security alert emails purporting to be from American Express.
  • Amazon Security Alert Scam - Fake Amazon security alerts: Information We have detected suspicious activity on your account and have locked it as a precaution. Click link below to unlock your account : f you do not verify your identity before 24 hours, your Paypal account will be terminated. Sincerely, Paypal Team
  • Costco Gift Card Scam - Costco is one of the most impersonated brands in phishing scams. Featuring a $90 gift card, scammers will lure you into taking an online survey to claim a gift: You will be taken to a scam survey page and asked to submit your personal information.

Read more on these scams and more from Walmart, and NetFlix in the original article here.

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