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New Scam Alert: New Instagram Support Phishing Attack Fakes “Unusual Logon” Experience Well Enough to Fool Victims

KnowBe4 reported: 

Security researchers at Armorblox provide imperative details into a new Instagram impersonation scam with parts of the attack looking very credible. According to Armorblox, the scam targeted over 22,000 users at a single large educational institution. The scam started with a realistic-looking email claiming to be from Instagram support.

Upon clicking “secure your account here”, users are taken to an impersonated Instagram support page where the victim can assert that the “unusual logon” was or wasn’t them.

Lastly, victims are taken to a page to “reset” their password. The only thing on this page of interest to the scammer is the users “old” (read: current) password, which will be used to logon to the victims Instagram account and leverage it to trick followers in a subsequent scam.

Find out more with the original article here.

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