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New Scam Alert: No good deed goes unpunished: How phishing exploits gov workers

GCN reported: 

According to Verizon’s 2022 Data Breach Investigations Report, the public sector experienced the second most attacks following the entertainment industry, and more than 80% of breaches involved the “human element,” including phishing, use of stolen credentials or user error. 

Hackers prey upon the customer service aspect of county employees,” Rita Reynolds, Chief Information Officer for the National Association of Counties, said in an email. When an email comes in from what seems to be their boss, a vendor or even a resident, government staff members may want to answer the sender as soon as possible. 

“That desire to be prompt and successful in filling the request can oftentimes result in a county employee maybe not paying closer attention to the authenticity of the email,” she said. 

Read more in the original article here.

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