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New Scam Alert: Why Your Business Needs To Pay Attention To Deepfakes

Chief Executive reported: 

Deepfakes can wreak havoc—and they’re getting better by the day. Here’s what to do about them.

Why should corporate leaders care? When is the last time you jumped on a call or video conference with your CFO or head of Accounts Payable? What if your team got a group voicemail, video message or even a live video conference in which they were told by “you” to take an action that you never requested? Buy a product? Wire money? Make an announcement which would tank your share price to benefit short sellers? What if someone posted edited images of you on social media enjoying your competitors’ products?
Deepfakes come in lots of flavors. Editing and splicing real sound and images to change the meaning is commonly used by groups ranging from internet trolls to government disinformation campaigns. Creating entirely “synthetic” voice and video that never happened is a newer threat, and as it becomes interactive it will change how we trust what we see and hear.

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